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10 Exercices and case studies in transport and logistics

Jean-Claude SEVIN

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Version numérique
  • Auteur : Jean-Claude SEVIN
  • Ouvrage publié en 2016
  • Editeur : Celse
  • 136 pages

Chap 1 : Supply chain

Chap 2 : Ocean transport for grains

Chap 3 : Intermodal transport

Chap 4 : Best use of road Transport

Chap 5 : Export shipment

Chap 6 : Import shipment

Chap 7 : Best use of customs

Chap 8 : Post manufacturing

Chap 9 : Turn key project

Chap 10 : Gateaway for China…

Chap 11 : Glossary and Abbreviations 

Livre en anglais avec glossaire anglais-français / English book with a english-french glossary

This book is inspired for the essential of actual experiences and files pro-realized by the author.

In the first part, these case studies are presented in increasing order by difficulty. They allow you to approach operations of various jobs by the transport and by the logistics, to prepare you for your various exams, evaluations and supply chain problematics.

In the second part, you have a precise correct version for every case study: calculated results, but also detailed explanations and explanatory schemas.